Wedding Coverage

What is your pricing?

Our weddings packages starting at $1,750. (taxes are not included)

I believe in a beautiful wedding books so I include them in every collection. Please send me a short note about the date of your wedding and I will send you the detailed description of the collections we offer!


Do you have a second photographer in your team?

Yes and no. First I would like to ensure you that I can deliver beautiful images working as a single photographer. There several reasons why I’m so sure about it. First, I photographed many weddings being a solo photographer and I delivered amazing images without missing a detail. Second, I work with an assistant that helps me over during the wedding day and get some wide angle photographs during the ceremony, that helps me to focus on my work and be fast when it’s needed.

If you plan to have over 150 guests at your wedding or there is any other reason I can offer you an option of hiring a second photographer. My collections doesn’t include a second photographer by default but I there is always an option, just ask me.


Do you edit all of our photographs?

Yes, I edit all the photos one by one.


How far from Saskatoon will you travel?

A&A Photography is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. But we would love to travel almost anywhere for your big day. If you wedding is within 100km from Saskatoon there will be no additional travel fees applied. If it’s somewhere in Saskatchewan there is a chance the travel fee will be waived, contact us for more details on that.


Do you also do video?

I’m a photographer and I don’t offer the videography services.


Do you have an assistant?

Yes, I do. And my assistant is there to help me deliver you stunning photographs from your day. She helps me with the equipment, holds light and helps to organize family during the portrait time. Just to clarify she is an assistant and it’s not the same as a second photographer.


How long does it take before we see the images?

All the images of the event will be edited and downloaded to an online gallery within 4 weeks of your wedding day. As soon as you get the link you can download all the photographs digitally. If you or your family members would like to order prints they can use an easy service at the gallery or any other lab they used to use.


Can we get a print release or copyright?

Copyright defines the creator of the images, the photographer. So it actually means that I created those images and I own them and this right cannot be granted or sold.

But those images are yours and according to our agreement you are granted a print release that allow you to print, order images at the labs, post them anywhere you like.


How many pictures we receive? Raw unedited files?

You get all the photographs from your day. The only outtakes photos will be those where the flash didn’t fire or someone stood in front of the lense.


Where can we order prints?

You are free to use and photography lab services. I also provide you with the easiest way of using the pro-lab services within your online gallery, where you can choose order and pay for the images within 3 easy steps and they will be printed at one of the best professional labs in Canada and delivered to the requested address.


When and how do we order an album design? How long does it take?

After the you receive the photographs from your wedding day we start on your wedding album design. We pre-design your album for you from a professional photographer’s perspective. After it’s ready we set up a meeting, skype, face-time to go over the details and may be some changes. Upon the approval it takes about 10 weeks to deliver you the product.


Do you offer engagement sessions?

I do. The investment is $200+pst for a 1-hour session on location or at our studio. All the photos from the session will be edited and delivered to you via online gallery.

You can use you beautiful engagement session to create a signature album for your wedding day or save the date invitation.


Do you pose people?

We are not speaking of the ceremony or reception photography as I definitely don’t pose people during that time.

As for the rest of the wedding day and as you can see from my portfolio I prefer slightly posed natural images. Usually I ask the couple to do something and they do it naturally I take photos as is or slightly adjust hands or angel of the light. In this way I can make you shine even brighter and create stunning wedding or engagement portraits for you.


Can we provide you with a shoot list?

If we are speaking about family portraits, YES and please do. Also note that from our experience one photo set up takes 5 min. So it you have 10 different family formals in your list, you need to plan 50 min after the ceremony (or at any other planned time) to get them done. Please don’t underestimate this time. We know it for sure from many weddings we’ve been photographed.

If we are speaking about the shoot list for the wedding day, I prefer not to have one and let me explain why.

All the weddings you can see in my portfolio didn’t have the shoot list prepared for me and it allow me to focus on what was happening in front of me and I was completely focusing on capturing and creating unique memories for the day. I don’t want to be tight by the “checklist” that will result in less or different result for you rather than the one that you have seen on my website.


Can our family and friends take pictures at our wedding?

They are welcome to take photos at your wedding day. I’m totally fine with that and it doesn’t bother me at all.

There two periods of the day when I kindly request that there won’t be anyone else taking pictures but me. First is during the family formals as I prefer all the eyes looking at me and I’m pretty sure you would like this family members to be a part of the photographs.

Second, I don’t allow other family members to come along during the bridal portraits or when I photograph you two alone as other cameras could be very distracting.

During any other time of the day any other family member with the camera is welcomed just ask politely please that people not push me and respect my presence.

Business and Details


How do we book and secure the date?

As soon as the agreement signed and the retainer paid the date is booked and secured. Please note I cannot secure the date if the retainer is not paid in full.


Can you hold a date for us?

I cannot hold the date until the agreement signed and the retainer paid.


Whats our payment options?

You can pay cash, cheque of e-transfer. The retainer/booking fee (30%) is paid at the time of booking with the final balance due two weeks before your wedding day. I will send you an email reminder to with the invoice to keep it simple for you.


If the wedding is cancelled can I have the retainer back?

The retainer is non-refundable. The retainer guarantees that I secure your date exclusively for you and turn down all other enquires for that day.


When should we book you for our wedding?

Please inquire about your date asap as there not many Saturdays and Sundays in the year and they get booked pretty quickly.


Do you offer discounts?

Occasional discounts are available base on the time of the year and day of the week.